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You can always reach me at the following
email address:


Remember you can request a free quote

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This is just an approx. Final price will definitely depend on how many pages or how much content your website needs. By using this calculator you'll get to know the price for some of the functionalities that could be added to your site, with reference to the basic website price of 330 euros.

Tick on the options you'd like to add:

  • slideshow
  • lightbox
  • PHP contact form
  • PHP newsletter form
  • Google maps
  • 'Get directions' Google maps

If you don't know what any of the options consist of drop me a line at info@ficoprieto.com. I'll solve any doubt you might have about them.

Estimated price:

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Front-end development & Web Design located in Madrid and reaching everywhere.
Front-end developer & Web designer. Html, Html5, css2.1, css3, javascript, jquery.
Basic websites from 330 euros.

Basic websites from

- Home
- About us / Portfolio
- Contact / Location

Basic websites from 330€

Your web with the best spanish hosting services.

'Arsys' or 'dinahosting',
you choose.

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Your web with the best spanish hosting services.

The first year of your domain
is on me.

.es, .com, .net, .eu, .org... no matter which one
you like. I'll cover the first year payment.

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The first year of your domain is on me

We'll work together until
we get the look & feel you wanted
for your website.

We will get a combination of attractive design,
simplicity and functionality.

We'll work together until we get the look & feel you wanted for your website
It is about time you had your own website all websites tested in all major browsers

Free quotes...

We'll find the best time to sit down and have a serious chatWe'll do a first estimation of a price for your website completely free of charge. We'll find the best time to sit down and have a serious chat about what you want, what you need, and we will find a fair price for your project.

We'll get the look & feel you wanted.

We'll work together until we get the look & feel you wantedWe'll work together until we get the look & feel you wanted for your website. And then we will give your website the structure for it to be
simple to navigate, handy, intuitive and efficicent.

No matter what your business might be,

No matter what your business might beor your interest in showing yourself on the internet, if you don't have a website yet, or you have one and you'd like to have it face-lifted, contact me and we will find an elegant and simple way to sort it out.

Clean and efficient source code.

Clean and efficient source codeYour website will always be built focusing on a clean and efficient source code, and always under the best practices to reach the best
possible positioning in search engines website rates.

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Dinahosting and Arsys are both currently the most reliable companies regarding web hosting service in Spain.

You might find cheaper ones, but it's highly unlikely that you find better value for money in web hosting business. Always offering affordable prices, they provide you with the confidence only small and humble in their starting companies can offer (dinahosting in Galicia, and Arsys in Navarra). They never stopped growing, both in prestige and in the quality of their service, from their beginning ten years ago, thanks to a constant effort in improving, and thanks to an excellent and close customer service too, always ready to give a hand.

No doubt they are a reference in Spain, proved by the thousands of customers they already have. They are the kind of company making you feel relaxed because you know already what you're getting from them.

Here are two links for you to know which prices you would get when buying a web hosting service. Anything you don't understand, give me a shout. Don't worry, we'll go together through the process of hiring any service from them. As I said, make your comparison. You choose.

hosting service with dinahosting >>
hosting service with arsys >>


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whatever the domain you choose for your website, I'll pay it for the first year

Domain renting we will as well do it through Dinahosting or Arsys.

The price for a domain could vary quite a bit, most of all depending on the extension of your choice: .com, .es, .net, .org, .eu... And you might as well find different prices depending on the company you rent your domain with.

General rule is renting your domain to the same company providing you with your hosting service for your web. This makes things easier when managing both products, which are always closely related, with the same company. As a result of this, most companies offering a hosting service would as well offer the domain renting service.

General renting period for a domain is one year. That is, whatever the domain you choose, www.yourcompany.com, www.helping.org, www.thebigproject.net..., it will be yours for one year. If you don't renew your payment after that year, the domain will be set free to be rented by any other user.

Here are two links for you to check if that domain you were thinking of is free to be rented, and for you to know its price. Remember, no matter which domain you choose, I'll cover its price for the first year.

domain renting with dinahosting >>
domain renting with arsys >>