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This is just an approx. Final price will definitely depend on how many pages or how much content your website needs. By using this calculator you'll get to know the price for some of the functionalities that could be added to your site, with reference to the basic website price of 330 euros.

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If you don't know what any of the options consist of drop me a line at info@ficoprieto.com. I'll solve any doubt you might have about them.

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About me. Tendencies, studies and curriculum. A little bit of history.
Seeking for simplicity.

all websites tested in all major browsers

Seeking for simplicity.

We are all, as internet users, aware of the amazing websites you might find on the internet. Combining elements resulting in fantastic graphics, offering realism and volume. Animations or Flash designed websites with the ability of catching anyone's attention with great effects, boosting our sense of aesthetics.

However and, of course giving all credit deserved to designers and developers with such abilities, there is a different tendency in web design, a more minimalist and practical one. Flash is almost completely abandoned, with maybe the exception of some animated banner or navigation bar, and layout is reduced to HTML y CSS, as basic tools, with some Javascript and PHP to increase dinamicity and interactivity in pages. My loyalties lay clearly within this last option.

I like simplfying structures and layouts so it gets easier to find elements and information within webpages. Ultimately, my goal would be turning web surfing into something much more agile. And the big challenge is, no doubt about it, getting that without detriment to aesthetics. Even with all the tools we currently have at hand (photoshop, javascript, jquery, html5, css3, svg...) it definitely remains a true challege.

Studies as a web designer and developer. Curriculum.

html, html5, css2.1, css3, javascript, jquery...
  • Web Design Diploma (Básico - DWD 101) obtained at Dublin Business School (October 12th, 2005 - December 14th, 2005). HTML and Dreamweaver were the tools the course dealt with.
  • FAS course (Dublin) in Web Design, FETAC level, (April 3rd - December 8th 2006) CIW v5 Foundations Certificate obtained in July 12th as part of the course. HTML, Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Flash MX 2004, e-commerce: Access-ASP VBScript databases based in Dreamwaver. We worked in both platforms, PC y Mac.
  • Curso Monográfico de Retoque Digital de Imágenes con Adobe Photoshop CS3 (10-06-2008 until 04-09-2008, 72 hours) at CICE - Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías, in Madrid.
  • Máster en desarrollo de Proyectos de Internet, online, Exitae-MásterD school for the Universidad Camilo José Cela (2012). I have fulfilled the first two modules: Html/css and javascript/jquery.
  • Intensive JQuery course at CICE - Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías. Started in August 19th, 2013, and finished in August 28th, 2013. 21 hours long course.
  • If you want to know deeper in detail about my work experience as a designer, appart from my freelance period, you can have a look at my CV (in english) clicking here >> studies and work experience as a designer