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I guess any life turns out to be long and complex to some extent. Mine is no exception to that, so I will focus on my web design background here (I'm always open for a little chat if you feel like getting a bit more personal...)

Diploma in Web Design (Basic - DWD 101) obtained at the Dublin Business School (12th October 2005 – 14th December 2005). Html codes and Dreamweaver software were the tools we detitle with in the course.

FAS (Dublin) Multimedia Production for Web Site Design course, FETAC level, (3rd April - 8th December 2006) CIW v5 Foundations Certificate obtained on the 12th of June 2006 as part of this course. HTML coding, Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Flash MX 2004, e-commerce: Access databases-ASP VBScript Dreamweaver based. Working on both platforms, PC and Mac.