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You might expect anything from a gallery these days. I plan mine to vary in content every now and then but I will keep the MP3 player anyway. There should always be room for a bit of rock'n'roll and there will be here.

Have a look at Story of Hair and Me in the Park, two Irish bands that have been gigging in pubs and clubs all over Dublin and surroundings for years. You'll find more of their music in myspace and at their own sites. They're really worth the while.

Do you like pictures?
A buddy photographer.
* If you want to carry on with the music while you're surfing the net, just do it in a new window and keep this one open.

And it gets a bit personal. The songs under "Rusty Creek" are originally mine but they've been played, recorded and edited with loads of help by a couple of friends. Special thanks to Mikey Jardine for that remarkable bass line in "When are u coming back?". How's that for a bit of Irish help?

And I would drag everyone's attention onto "Crossroad". It was conceived by Javier Sanabria. The lyrics and the original tune are his. But the song you will listen to (if you click on it) has been completed, played (all instruments in it), recorded and edited by one only guy. Mr Diego Garrido is a pretty ugly guy but I'll acknowledge some skills to him (that's being sarcastic). Tremendous piece of music. Give it a go. You won't regret.

Hope you like them all!